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​Leigh Davis for State Representative

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Endorsements : List


"Leigh Davis has a strong understanding of the issues that are important to nurses and the work we do to protect our patients and profession. MNA nurses and healthcare professionals support Leigh Davis for State Representative because she fully backs our efforts to ensure safe patient care, prevent workplace violence, and keep essential healthcare services in our communities." - MNA President and ICU nurse Katie Murphy

Since its founding in 1903, the MNA has been the most powerful and effective voice on nursing and healthcare in the Commonwealth. The MNA represents more than 24,000 nurses and healthcare professionals working in 85 healthcare facilities.


Town of Lee Resident and Chairwoman of the Lee Youth Commission and the Open Space and Recreation Committee

"I have known Leigh Davis for seven years. We first met when she worked with Jeff Cohen on the Eagle Mill Project.  Leigh was instrumental in getting the project started. She and Jeff had many conversations with me about my house as part of the project because my home was one of the houses that was demolished for the project. During this time, I became acutely aware of Leigh's honesty and respect for my hesitance to leave my home of 72 years.

Leigh knew I was involved with the Lee Youth Commission through our conversations, and as part of the Commission's research at that time for a community center, Leigh met with us to discuss aspects of putting together a questionnaire for the town to consider the potential of a community center.  She not only spoke with us but also shared with us a copy of a questionnaire that she had worked on several years ago.

Leigh and I have kept in touch throughout those years, and I am happy to endorse her for our State Representative because of her high ethical standards and willingness to go the extra mile to answer questions and research. She has already gone to the State House twice to support housing issues in the Berkshires. As the Vice Chair of the Great Barrington Select Board, she has continued to bring Great Barrington into the 21st century.

Imagine what she can do for us as our State Representative.

I endorse Leigh Davis for State Representative for these reasons and her smile, which says it all.  She has my vote. Please join me in voting for Leigh on September 3rd."


Great Barrington Airport - Owner Berkshire Aviation Ent. LLC

"Although I can not vote for you because I am a resident of Connecticut. I support your run to be the next State Representative for the 3rd District. As a business owner in Great Barrington, I will let folks know that you are the best candidate for this position. Your commitment to your community and the surrounding Berkshires is what you are known for; your passion is witnessed at every town meeting and on the streets. Again congratulations on your next step to making the Berkshires a safe affordable place for the everyday Berkshire born and raised folks to live, and for the business owners who employ our local home grown citizens. DAVIS for Berkshire 3rd District Representative."


Town of Sheffield Resident; Vice-chair of Sheffield Planning Board

"As a member of the community and a fellow elected official who has had the privilege of getting to know Leigh Davis, I wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy for the 3rd Berkshire District.

In Leigh, I have found not only a dedicated public servant but also a courageous advocate for our community’s most pressing issues. Her unwavering commitment to serving our community is truly inspiring. She possesses the rare combination of passion and pragmatism, always seeking solutions that benefit the greater good.

One aspect of Leigh’s work that particularly stands out is her tireless advocacy for housing issues. In a time when affordable housing is becoming increasingly scarce, Leigh’s efforts are not only commendable but essential. Her initiatives in this realm will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy, ensuring that future generations have access to safe and affordable housing. Leigh’s fearlessness in taking on challenging issues sets her apart as a leader. She isn’t afraid to tackle difficult problems head on, even when others may shy away. It is this courage and determination that makes her uniquely suited to represent our district."


1Berkshire - Vice President of Economic Development

"As someone with deep expertise, knowledge, specialized skills, and a capacity for activating others, we feel you would be an immensely valuable addition to the Berkshire Blueprint Advisory Council.”


Town of Dalton Resident

"I have been active in Berkshire County politics for more than 40 years. Here in Dalton, our state congressional district has an open state representative seat in the upcoming election, and we have three good Democratic candidates running to replace Rep. William “Smitty” Pignatelli, who served our area well. I attended a recent meet-the-candidates event in Dalton. (“Candidates for the 3rd Berkshire District seat made their pitch to ‘pivotal’ Dalton voters Tuesday night,” Eagle, March 27.) I found a candidate that I will support. Leigh Davis of Great Barrington showed she had the life experiences and government background to be an excellent state representative. Leigh’s commitment to protecting affordable housing, supporting local small businesses and investing in our local families are the issues I care about. On Primary Day, Sept. 3, vote for Leigh Davis in the Democratic Primary for state representative."


Town of Becket Residents - Becket Planning and Zoning Boards;  Board of Trustees, UUMSB

Energy Committee; Multicultural BRIDGE

"We first met Leigh Davis in 2012 following a keynote address she gave during a Martin Luther King Jr. birthday event in Great Barrington at the First Congregational Church. Leigh’s remarks told the story of growing up in Washington, DC, as a daughter of activist parents who taught her the value of working in public service for the wider community at large. When we introduced ourselves that day to Leigh, we learned she had come to the Berkshires in 2008 as a single mother with three young children. From that day forward, we followed Leigh’s journey in our own wider community (we live in Becket), from working at the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center to volunteering at her children’s public schools and with Volunteers in Medicine to currently working at Construct Berkshires - the largest housing nonprofit in South County. We watched as Leigh ran for her first elected office as a member of the Finance Committee in Great Barrington. Later, she ran for a seat on GB’s Select Board. Today, she is serving as the vice chair. Since meeting, our paths have crossed numerous times as we all volunteer for our own community. At times we find ourselves working toward solutions on some of the same issues - environmental action, housing & food security, health care, racial justice, economic development, public education - and so much more. As Leigh likes to say, all of these issues are interconnected and communities must work in a coalition effort - all the way to the State House. We are both thrilled that Leigh is now seeking our vote in a race to elect the next 3rd Berkshire District State House Representative - representing the 18 towns in the District. We look forward to casting our votes for Leigh Davis at the ballot box on Tuesday, September 3rd and during the General Election on Tuesday, November 5th!"


Town of Great Barrington / Housatonic Resident

"While working with Leigh on her campaign, I have been deeply impressed by her ability to listen to different ideas and points of view, respectfully acknowledge each one, and then synthesize them into a workable whole. Leigh says she learned these skills sitting around the dining room table with her parents, two public servants with divergent views. It’s clear that this ability is deeply ingrained and genuine. I’m voting for Leigh Davis for 3rd District State Representative because I know she will listen to her constituents and that her decisions will be shaped by that listening."


Town of Becket Resident

"It is a rare Select Board member whose passion, priorities and ability to get things done is noticed by outside communities. Leigh Davis has been a model of responsible leadership for Great Barrington. Now is the time for her to represent a wider of district of the Berkshires so we all can benefit from her capacity to keep things moving in the right direction."


Town of Great Barrington Resident; Chair, Great Barrington Affordable Housing Trust

"A friend summed up Leigh's campaign "Leigh didn't need to develop positions on the issues, the work of the state rep. Is just an extension of what she has been doing." When she went to the Lee Democratic Committee meeting they greeted her with "We know you, you're the only Great Barrington Select board members who spoke up on the PCB issue." Leigh is one of the hardest-working and most dedicated people I know. I am in awe of her ability to listen, to study, and to grasp issues. Her work doesn't stop there. Leigh has authored housing regulations and home rule petitions. She has been invited to the State House four times on issues vital to the Berkshires. They know her and respect her in Boston. Not suprising because everyone who meets her is enchanted with Leigh's wit, her compassion, and her dedication. I've worked with and admired her for six or seven years. She is one the nicest and smartest people I know. I am proud to support her as a worthy successor to Smitty."


Town of Great Barrington Resident

"I know you care deeply and will fight for us. The Berkshire Edge article highlighted your achievements and the impact you will have on the district. It was inspiring to read about your journey. Your dedication, hard work, and passion will resonate with many readers. Your story serves as an example of perseverance and success, which will hopefully continue through election day. I look forward to seeing the amazing things you will accomplish at the State House. I can't imagine being a single mom of three, five, and seven-year-old kids starting out in Great Barrington. That's your greatest achievement."
(Berkshire Edge Article here)


Town of Becket Resident

"I am thrilled to wholeheartedly endorse Leigh Davis for State Representative. Her passion for serving her community, her dedication to making positive change, and her unwavering commitment to equality make her an ideal candidate for this important role. Leigh has a proven track record of being a tireless advocate for all members of our community. Her passion for social justice and her commitment to creating a more inclusive and equitable society are qualities that I believe make her an exceptional candidate. She has consistently demonstrated her ability to listen to the concerns of the people and to take action to address them. Her leadership skills, coupled with her genuine care for others, make her the perfect choice to represent us at the state level. I urge you to join me in supporting Leigh Davis for State Representative."


Town of Great Barrington Resident 

"As a community, we are so fortunate to have many fine people willing to put in their time and energy for the good of all of us. Leigh is one of those people."


Town of Great Barrington Resident

"Add it all up, and you have a savvy, enterprising woman who brings people together to get things done. That's the kind of leadership we need to see more of. ”

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