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Memorial Day 2024 Address

Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends, Neighbors, and Distinguished Guests

Good Morning.

Today, on Memorial Day, we gather as a community to remember and honor the heroes who gave their lives in service to our nation. It’s a day of solemn reflection but also one of unity and strength as we stand shoulder to shoulder, honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

This day is very personal for me. My father, a Black Korean War veteran, served with the 6th Armored Division at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. As a Sergeant Major, he led the base’s first racial integration program and oversaw five companies. Some of the men he trained fought overseas and never returned. Though he never spoke about the war, his sense of duty and loss stayed with him.

As a child, I remember my father putting on his garrison cap every morning before work. At the time, I thought it was just an odd quirk. Now, I understand it was a symbol of his unwavering commitment to his country and fellow soldiers. Though my father has passed on, his quiet strength and dedication to service inspire me every day.

I am also proud of my daughter, a recent Monument Mountain graduate and cadet at the U.S Air Force Academy, who dreams of flying. Her dedication to serving our country continues our family’s legacy and inspires hope for the next generation.

As we look around our community, we see the legacy of brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. Let us take a moment to remember and honor these heroes. Whether they fell on distant battlefields or here at home, their spirit endures. Their sacrifice reminds us of the cost of freedom and the price of peace. Let us commit to working for peace, supporting our wounded and disabled veterans, and ensuring that no service member is ever forgotten.

To the families who have lost loved ones, we honor their memory with profound gratitude. To the veterans here today, we owe you an immeasurable debt for your service.

As we gather with our families and friends this Memorial Day, let us come together in remembrance and commitment to the values our heroes fought to protect. May we strive every day to build a community, a country, and a world that is worthy of their sacrifice. God bless our heroes. And God bless America.

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